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[D&D] After Dark

The After Dark campaign is an Adults Only (18+) game I am running on a Saturday night, starting at about 7pm AEST +10GMT), and ending at a point where it seems right.  The After Dark campaign is set in my home campaign world of Tir Avalon.  You can read more about it at my sister site “The Fractured Bear“.

In the historical timeline of Tir Avalon, what separates this campaign from others in my game world, is that it is set in the future compared to normal campaigns.  This campaign is also set 75 years after the events of the movie “The Gods of Egypt“.  The players are running character in the first wave of far reaching exploration in a new world.  At the end of the film mentioned, Ra sees an island (Avalon) and realizes it’s power to move his people far from Apophis, for ever, he used his remaining strength and took all the people of Egypt, and all the gods, and traveled with the island to a new world, where they found a new home for the people, and a new future.  Since then; Horus, king of all, has overseen the growth of the first few cities, with sustainable crops, and since they people of the Nile landed in Tir Avalon, 75 years have past.

The PCs are in the group trained and prepared to go out into the world, further than anyone else has seen, and investigate and report.  The actions of the PCs will have permanent impacts on the world as the players in all other campaigns might encounter.  Will there be monuments to the players in small towns, named after them, of temples and pyramids constructed to help you into the after life, or could they become the next Pharaoh, answerable only to the king Horus.  Will the PCs find riches, or death, happiness or curses, friends or enemies?  Will they be hailed as heroes, or spurred as villains?


This game will be run every Saturday night, from 7pm till late, and when the story is at a good point to do so.

These sessions will be streamed on Twitch.


This is a modified D&D 5E game with house rules for character creation and play can be found:  HERE→


Again, no information, but as we get confirmation of the game going ahead, players will be added to this section.

If you would like to take a seat, please use the contact form to get in touch and let me know, easiest would be to go to