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[D&D] T³ – Thursday Table Top

Every Thursday, I DM a game for a group of fellow streamers and friends (see below) starting at 10am my time.  This is Wednesday night US time.  This game is set in my home campaign world of Tir Avalon.  Tir Avalon is a mix of influences in a world with some interesting mechanics.  You can read more about it at my sister site “The Fractured Bear“.

For the first 9 sessions, the group have been running The Sunless Citadel module in D&D5e, and have just left the citadel on the way home, with a Kobold named Meek, and Calcryx the white baby dragon.  In a world where dragons have not been seen for more than a thousand years there are now new dangers, and what in the world are they going to do with a baby white dragon?

Session Information



Cambria WindscarTabTwiceHumanBard2
Cambria is a Bard from ... actually she's a bit of a mystery at the moment to the GM, because Tab has to give me a background. 😉
BelaraPandaniniUrsine (Panda)Fighter2
'Belara' feels the need to protect people ever since she had a mentor that protected the people of her village from an attack, some people actually managed to escape with her, and she swore to get stronger to be able to protect others since she remembered the stories of the mentor getting stronger while adventuring so she decided to go out and enlist as a guard in a big city, that way she was able to learn most of the stuff she knows now, she decided to leave when her rank was high enough since she felt that the only way for her to actually get stronger was to adventure herself, just like her mentor did when he was young.
Aralia is an outcast, tossed from their village in the forest after refusing to let go of the Old Ways and adapt to the ways of the humans who had settled nearby in the new town of Qarrell. As a result, their left horn was snapped, a sign of an Outcast in their village, name striped from them, and banished. Living on their own at age 17 was hard at first, but they quickly adapted to life in the forest.

Taking the name Remembrance, Rem for short, they have left the forest after years of solitude in search of the one thing the forest can not provide; companionship. Now if only they can remember how to socially interact...
Gurdis HolderheckKforCadaverMountain DwarfWarlock2
Gurdis was her clan's hairdresser, and one of the best until she tried to introduce hair waxing to the dwarven women and was exiled to live on the cold mountain terrain alone. One day, after many unfortunate days of scant meals and no water Gurdis cried out for help. She cried to whatever being would answer, for the hunger tore at the core of her being. Just when she thought for sure she would never fulfill her dream to find a way back into her clans hearts,in what she thought was her final hours a hand reached through the abyss and lifted her up. How could she have known in that moment that the one saving her life was a fiend she would be indentured to for the entirety of her existence? If only she can use what his darkness has gifted her with for the good. Maybe then she could find a way back to her clan and appeal to them that she belongs once again among them. Maybe they can even help her rid herself of the dark shroud around her in the end, She feels all she must do is make herself worthy.
Sora MyastanAladarDragonborn (Gold)Paladin
I'm from the mountain range near Edgefield. My clan is known to live halfway up the mountain as to not be too close to humans, but still close enough to protect them when needed.
KvotheD4rkr4yn3Fire GenasiWizard (Elementalist)3
If touched, the skin feels feverishly hot as if burning inside, an impression reinforced by ash-gray skin tones. The more human-looking have fiery red hair that writhes under extreme emotion, while more exotic specimens sport actual flames dancing on their heads. Voice sounds like crackling flames, and eyes flare when angered. while walking by there is faint scent of brimstone. As he drinks, the more he drinks, the rooms starts to become more steamy and hot. The angrier he gets - so does the room - cooling down causes steam to arise.