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[PC] Minecraft


WarbearPrime Owner / Admin

I have a Minecraft server running a Forge 1.16.3 installation with several datapacks; as well as mods.  To make the game (while very vanilla still), more… This includes an economy with shops, heads to mount and display, and some new blocks (vertical slabs etc.) and more.

This server is a private server, only for members of the Peninsular Social Club.  If you are not a member don’t ask.  I will look at getting a SUB server one day soon.


If you would like to use the mods and datapacks, or just some of them, you will find a download link for the pack, and below that, direct links to the versions of mods and datapacks I am using.  It also includes installation instructions, and it should be good to go.

Download, and copy the contents into your mods folder, once you have followed these steps for installing forge and the mods:

  1. Launch Minecraft in a vanilla install.
  2. Create a single player world and jump into it.
  3. Then run the Forge installer.
  4. Jump back into and out of the game you created.
  5. Open an explorer window.  In the address bar at the top, select it, and replace the contents with %appdata% and press enter.
  6. In the window where files are, you will see a folder called .minecraft.  Double click on that.
  7. You will find a folder called “mods”.
  8. Copy the contents of the zip into this folder.
  9. Relaunch the launcher.
  10. Select the [Installations] tab at the top of the window.
  11. Find the Forge version.
    • You can also at this point modify the RAM used by Minecraft as well.  I suggest at least 4GB, but it all depends on your system.
  12. Go back to the [Play] tab at the top, and in the drop down for game in the bottom left, select your forge version and then launch the game.
  13. Go back into the game you made, and make sure everything loads okay.
  14. Done, enjoy.

The following mods are REQUIRED to play on the server:

Firstly: Forge itself.

Then the mods:

The following mods are RECOMMENDED to play on the server:


These are installed on the server, and do not need to be installed to work when connected, however if you want to play with them, they are here for that reason so google them if you want to play.

  • armor statues v2.8.1
  • chosen-enchantments
  • classic fishing loot v1.1.0
  • Climbable_Chains_1.1
  • custom nether portals v2.3.2
  • derectridentcrafting
  • Disenchanting_1.1
  • more mob heads v2.8.1
  • Paperbark_1.1
  • platypack_1.6
  • player head drops v1.1.0
  • Starting_Inventory_1.1
  • Sticky_Honey_Pistons_1.1
  • WASD Bows V1.4.1
  • WASD Libraries V4.9
  • WASD Redstone Devices V1.1
  • WASD Swords V1.7
  • WASD Villager Names V3.2
  • WoolToString
  • xeconomy-200909
  • Zombie_Leather_1.1