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[PC] Rocket League

My usual car setup.

D_Structs and I play this together a bit, but I also play solo.  I am average at the moment, after being held back by a previous partner, I am hoping that my skill will finally get a bit better now, and I might be able to play regularly with better players.

Prior to the move to Epic, and the new ranking system, I was at best a high mid diamond to low platinum.  Depended on the play list, and who I played with.

I am mainly in un-ranked at the moment as I get the feel back for the game.  I also have Rocket League on the switch, with the hopes that I can transfer over from keyboard/mouse for PC play, by getting used to the controller away from my main account.

If you would like to team up, please hit me up in Discord and we can team up and go kick goals.