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The WarbearPrime & D_Structs Show

Recently (2020) we had (on top of everything else going on), a scan found a tumor in my son’s head the size and shape of an avocado.  We came through it and my son [D_Structs] especially came through it like a trooper.  Each Tuesday and Thursday he and I join forces to play a game or two.  The game(s) per session can change but for the most part we will be playing one of the following games together:


All the streams we do will be also uploaded to YouTube after some editing as well, and D-Structs will be doing some other content on a channel of mine, until he is old enough to do his own accounts.


When we play, any donations, tips, gifts or subscription earnings will be donated to BrainChild.  BrainChild have been kind enough to support us in raising funds for them, and as a way to say thanks to them for helping US out when we needed it, we feel it’s right to help them back.  If you DO want to support the charity directly, I honestly can not encourage you enough to do so!  Becoming is the easiest way to do it automatically, because all subscription payments raised from those during this show will also be added each month to the total.


Next Upcoming Event
28 October 2021
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