Since D&D came out combat has evolved in the game, and the stories that came with it, but there was no mechanics for really showing those massive hits we see in the movies.  In 1980 Dragon Magazine issue #31 came out with an article called “Good Hits & Bad Misses”.  For me this article changed a lot of the game, and I have been using them since I found them in the early 90s.

Since I started using them, I have modified many different iterations of the rules, but they were always just slightly varied versions of the original, which in hindsight now looks slightly limited.  Even though it’s purpose was to expand on the game and add some more flavor to it for everyone.  Also it adds a little bit more excitement…sometimes.

So , here is my latest release of the rules as I play them.  These are a departure of format from the original, it allows more options and more story telling opportunities than previous versions.


Download “Tir Avalon Critical Hits & Misses”

Tir-Avalon-Critical-Hits-Misses.pdf – Downloaded 240 times – 2.22 MB