This is a work in progress, and is considered in beta at this point and I am doing more testing, but I am putting this here so people can play with it while I refine it.

Spellcasting 2.0 – An Addon to the RAW Spell Casting System

The base system for magic in D&D is very specific, sorcerers do this, warlocks do that and wizards do weird things with books.  At the end of the day those are the only real things spell casters do.  Artificers are the same, nothing more than spell casters, and limited to what they do.  But what if they could be more than that, but not in the OP way, more the STYLE based system.

This system is stolen, I will say that up front.  I just documented what it was about so I can share it, and have implemented it in my world.

Some Basics

The concept of this system is simple, there are 4 elements to a spell caster, they are:


When making a spell caster in this system, you choose one element for each of four above to make your caster.  A Druid casting Warlock spells, using Wisdom and their source of power was a small spring in the forest, after drinking from it he gained the powers to cast the spells he gets access to, but they cannot cast any healing spells or nature spells.

Not all combinations will work, not all of them are going to make sense, or some DMs may find the rules too weird, too OP or too weak to work in their worlds.  That’s cool, this is a system for people to be creative when building their characters.  It’s about the style and the theme, and the balance is achieved because the sum of any parts is very hard to be greater than an individual class with no chances, as per the PHB.  Also I recommend that this system sit beside any other character generation system, and should not (IMO) be a standalone way of making spell flingers.

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Download “Tir Avalon - Spell Casters 2.0”

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