RPG Academy


The Role Play Gaming Academy (RPG Academy) is a program I run to help those get into, and explore the expanses of role playing games, from the perspective of a story teller, and ROLE player.  As opposed to ROLL playing.  This is done through a series of streams where I have a topic, go over things for that topic and in an open environment where the viewers get to ask questions, and I explain, or provide examples or give advice or help come up with a solution.

I use D&D 5e as the system for these examples, as it is the most common and popular game system in use today.  But most of the general Role Play advice given will work in any game system that involves elements of Role Play within it.

Question Time

During the stream, if you have any questions you have two options, you can type them in chat, OR you can join me in Discord where we can talk about your question.  I don’t have a specific (at the moment) time where I get people to ask questions.  If the topic is TTRPG oriented there is (ALMOST) no off topic question.  Just keep them safe for Twitch!

Subject Matter

When talking about Roleplaying games, we are talking about, in a lot of cases, is an almost unlimited number of options for creativity and fun.  It’s pretty diverse.  Within the RPG Academy I cover almost everything, and by that I mean almost EVERYTHING to do with TTRPG.  Some of the topics I will go over include:

  • crafting items
  • rules changes
  • making new things
    • spells
    • races
    • items
    • monsters
  • character design (PC & NPC)
    • backstory
    • characterization
  • world building
    • map editing
    • country design
    • racial design
  • module / story design
  • more…

I may add to this list if something comes up more, to highlight it, but please feel free to hit me up during the stream if you have any questions on something NOT listed about.  This is not the be all and end all of topics.

How do I run the streams?

Simply put I do it how the audience wants me to do it.  So for example, if it is a question typed in chat and me answer or give my thoughts, then that is how the stream will run.  If people jump in chat and talk with me, then that is how we will proceed.  When in chat, I want it to be less formal.  As a result I am going to tend to make things conversational in nature, and make it more of a collaborative process.

I will generally come up with a few ideas, and offer them up, and then work to mold it to work with the game being run.  this way it helps with the creative process for the person ASKING the question, as ideas generally (I have found) spring from other ideas.  I offer a differing point of view on things to help with getting the creativity sparking.

What is the Cost

Free.  I do this for fun, and to help improve and grow the game, even if it is just a little bit.  So, i do this for free.

If you would like to tip me, or give me a gift, there are options in Twitch to do so, but it is not asked for, nor required.

When do I stream the RPG Academy

Check the schedule here for more details, but the goal is to stream every two (2) weeks on a Saturday (for me).  This works out as Friday night for the US.

Streams will go from one (1) to two (2) hours usually, starting on the top of the hour, and going till I am done for the topic.  So some streams could go longer.