Dice Games


During my streams, I am going to be playing some dice games.  This page is just some about the information of the games, and how they can be used during my streams.

At the moment, we have the following dice games available, and they include (for now):

  • Pass the Pigs
  • Story Cubes
  • Posing Pandas

I will add more down the line, but this page is about the basics, and will be added to as I go.


Simple game, loads of fun, so now we are going to play it with you!  Making a roll is simple, you pay the 5gp, roll the pigs.

The GOAL of Pass the Pigs, is to score per stream the highest score as we can, the score is reset each stream session.

How I Will Run Pass the Pigs.
  1. Each stream, the score is reset to 0.
  2. The final score at the end of the session is then recorded.
  3. Anyone can spend the 50gp (Twitch channel points), to make a roll.
Two significant rule changes are;
  • The game does not stop at 100 points.
  • “Pig Out” & “Piggy Back”  instead of ending the game, just have a re-roll function.

Other than that, the scoring is as normal.  Here is how Pass the Pigs is going to be scored:


Story Cubes is going run based on the number of viewers:  But essentially, we will build a story from the dice, and I will take the story made, and create a D&D module (or Cyberpunk or something else) around the Story Cube results and the viewers suggestions.

The main purpose is fun, but also a different way to generate stories.

Posing Pandas

This is a game VERY much like Yahtzee.  You roll 6 sided Pandas, then you see how they land.  You either count them to add to a side section, or if you get things like all  of them different faces.

This game is going to be fun.  The goal of the game is to score the highest.  So when a roll is made, the chat get to pick by vote, HOW to use the pandas to score.  Each stream session, the score will be reset, after being recorded, and then I will post the scores in a spread sheet, and we’ll see how things roll…

I’m not sorry, that was a good pun!

Here are the rules for Posing Pandas:

The Basics
  1. You may only roll up to three(3) times.
  2. Roll all five pandas on your first roll of the turn.
  3. Re-roll the pandas until you are satisfied or you have rolled three times, or have a set of Pandas that are better score wise.
  4. At the end of a turn, the player must fill a box on the scorecard. If the player made no combination(s), they must enter zero into ANY ONE of the boxes. A box may only be filled once per game.
How To Score The Top Section
  • Add the number of pandas in the corresponding position. Each panda is worth one point.
How To Score the Bottom Section
  • Score three points for creating a combination of three.
  • Score four points for creating a combination of four.
  • Score ten points of creating a combination of five.
  • Score five points when rolling three pandas in one position and two pandas in another.
  • Score five points when all pandas are in a different position.

It’s basically Yahtzee with pandas!

Let’s Roll!