FSM Sermons


Hi, I am Pastor WarbearPrime.

And WELCOME to the Australian Online Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!


I am actually officially ordained in the Universe Life Church.  Yes it’s online, no it does not matter.

But I DID study a lot of religion starting in school, and then afterwards as I explored the world, and realized most people are insane, most religions doubly so.  Then I found Pastafarianism.  As part of sharing the joy of Him, and his Noodley Appendages (Have YOU been touched lately?), this is a bit of a laugh and relief of tensions while we try and make sense of shit in our lives.

I’m feeling saucy, so let’s get pasta these formal bits.

TWO of the faithful’s prophets Bill & Ted

The Sermons

Each sermon will be on a topic.  And there you see all the planning I am going to do on that.  It will be random, topical and probably get people pissed off or laughing too hard.

I’m a fan, but not a zealot or a pho-natic, but I am tortellini in love with the idea of religious freedom of choice.  The FSM is that icon of choice for me, but don’t judge me, because udon know me.  He mac me smile.

Life is full of pasta-bilities.  The touch of his noodley appendages is impastable to resist, and his love is so real that any other gods love pales in comparison.

I cannelloni do so much

They say that a penne saved is a penne earned, but I as a bit of a ramen-tic think that the FSM offers us a a chance to share a penne for our thoughts.  To spend that penne, and get the pesto that is yet to come; we must strain ourselves, as He boiled for our sins…


When i do sermons, they are based off the scriptures (seen right) and other sources.  I make it all up if there is nothing else in the book that fits.

I will take suggestions for sermon topics as I go along, and when I announce a sermon, I will also announce what I am talking about.

Until then my friends.  May you be touched by his noodley appendage!  May the sauce of his love, cover you completely.

Peace and Pasta to you all.