Tir Avalon Season 3 – Head of Agelaus

The following page is broken up into sections.  Each section is designed to break up the details easily, but allow you the ability to find them all very quickly.  This page is going to show several things, and if I can work it right, I will have links to each section at some point after it is written, in the mean time, look for the colored boxes, titles are above them.


In the years leading to the point where our heroes start their journey together in the game play, they each were either born in, or their families moved to Greencliffe Barony.  The Barony is a prosperous one, sitting in a coastal section of the kingdom.

6 years prior to the starting point of the campaign, the characters were sent off on to their prospective apprenticeships. Each would serve 4 years learning under their master(s) and then do at least a year of practice as a Journeyman.  Each member of the group of friends who went to the masters that year had made a promise to meet, 6 years later, after all of them had finished their final journeyman’s journey each, on the same day they that they had been sent off.

6 years to the day, the doors of Jenny’s Inn would open up from time to time, as some of the friends would walk in, one or two at a time.  Along the way, others would catch up with the group later; as their duties, and the journey to Greencliffe Barony itself, allowed them to.  One friend in fact was the cause of the group going on this journey to begin with, and later would join them on their quest.


The goal of the campaign at this point is a simple one:

The group have been tasked to travel to the king to deliver a message from the baron. 

The message is in two parts, one a scroll, and the second is a statue head in a chest the party is carrying with them, that is filled with water. The water also has a highly deadly sea snake swimming with it as well, protecting the head.  The party deliver it to the king in the capitol and will then wait till they receive instructions.


The following tabs  list the characters with the group.  These are those 100% played by the player with no DM involvement at all.


The Pirate of accidents. Your accident is his gain. Not exactly the model pirate, but savvy enough to talk his way out of a paper sack, and into your pocket. Purveyor of the shiny, nothing will prevent him from gathering items and trying to add it to his collection. Other members of the crew call him the Crow, but the captain calls him the Wind Finder. Amongst the crew of the St Bernard’s Blessing, he is one of many hunted by the Navy. Other than an a brush that he cannot sell, he fancies his side job as a merchant of the “Rare” and “Unique” collectables

Ademon is played by D4rkr4yn3.  Ademon is a Mark of the Storm Half-Elf Pirate Rogue 5.  He is 17 years old, with pale skin, black hair, blue eyes and stands 5’10”.  He is wearing leather armor and wields a rapier and some questionable magic into combat.

*D4rkr4yn3 also controls the actions and general direction of an NPC, while I as the DM do the voice and conversations, and the day to day actions.

At first glance, Cain is an average looking human. He has Jet Black hair with piercing sky blue eyes that seem to see into your very soul. On closer inspection on exposed skin there are what appear to be light scars flowing across his skin that have a faint glow to them. He keeps most of them covered by Leather armor and a light cloak.

Cain is played by AdinoMC.  Cain is a Human Telepath 4.  His age is hard to tell, but he has tan skin, black hair, blue eyes and stands 5’9″ tall.  He wears leather armor, and wields a scimitar into battle.

A man of mystery….

Elxian is played by FlyGravitas.  Elxian is a Level 5 Half-Elf Eloquence Bard who grew up as a ward (hence his name) of the Baron, and grew up an orphan.  He is 17 years old, brown skinned, brown haired, standing 5’9″ with eyes of gold.  Elxian wears leather armor, and wields a short sword in battle.

A woman of mystery…

Fayeth Rosys is played by Aladar.  Fayeth is a level 5 High-Elf Warlock of the Moon.  She is 130 years old, stands 6′ tall, has pale, icy blue hue skin, white hair and lavender eyes.  She wears leather armor and wields spells in combat, but also has a light crossbow.

Seyfert found comfort in the woods and the creatures within. Even though she found solace within the forest, Seyfert learned young that she had to interact with people and become a blossoming member of the community.

When Seyfert isn’t observing from the trees she is helping the local farmers and other locals that may need a little pick-me-up smile. She has been known to many as the “Walker of the Woods,” as there are only stories of locals catching glimpses of her in the forest. It is known that is where she resides. Beyond that, only a select few know where her home is located.

Seyfert is played by Kiki_Sinfox.  Seyfert is a level 5 Protector Aasimar Circle of the Stars Druid.  Her age is not known, but she stands 6’7″ tall, has sun kissed medium brown skin, chestnut red hair and opalescent eyes with no visible pupil.  She wears leather armor, and carries a quarterstaff and sickle if needed with her spells in combat.

Vos was raised by their parents, whose birth child had unfortunately died and was replaced by Vos. When it was revealed that they were a changeling, their parents were saddened but reassured Vos that they were just as much their child as their birth one. However, over time as Vos explored their abilities as a changeling, they became fascinated with preserving the stories and faces of others so that they were not forgotten. With the support of their family and the Lord of the land, Vos trained under some of the best artists alive and learned many techniques of both skill and magic. While Vos tends to default to an appearance similar to their parents, with brown hair and teal eyes, they also don’t shy away from, changing their appearance around those that they trust.

Vos is played by FearMyPaintBrush.  Vos is a level 5 Bard, from the College of Lore.  Vos is a 17 year old 5’1″ tall Changeling, and as such her appearance can change at a whim.


I will be honest, the easiest way to catch up, would have been TWITCH VODs but there are almost none for some reason.  SO, I will give as brief a write up as I can up until the end of April.  After that, episodes will be in my VODs on Twitch.


The group finished the first part of the journey, traveling to deliver a message and retrieve the Triton Kelvus (pronounced Keal-Vus)  to bring back to the Baron.  Along the way there were Dire Wolves, Blink Dogs, a giant silver crab like creature with her offspring and a woman in red who controlled a horde of small red scorpion spiders who explode into small pools of acid when killed, and who’s sting delivers the same to it’s victims.

After returning to Greencliffe, the group were joined by another member in the group, and lost one, before moving off on the journey to the King.  The group are taking the same box, as well as a message directly from the Baron, to the king as well.

Along the way, the group has only traveled a small distance to the capitol when they encountered a farmer very quietly trying to tell the party to be silent, however a bellow from one in the group drew the attention to the road where they were, and the farmer.  To the Bullette that was stalking the farm.  Called a “Land Shark” a Bullette is a large predator that stalks under ground for prey, often wild animals or whatever it can get it’s hand on.  In this case it was the farmer.  But after a tough battle, the group were able to dispatch the beast.  Later, after going through town, two more farmers came in searc telling of a second one.

However that had been a lie, in an attempt to get help for the two, as their house had been infested with Gnomes, and they had stolen everything!  The party had tracked the Gnomes, after reluctantly agreeing to help the two farmers, to their lair, and had found their way into a strange temple where there is a room with 20′ statues of some of the party, that change to look like the party member, only OLDER.

They found a fountain, and filled it with water, hoping to find out tales of the future, only to find a cool refreshing drink.  But then, then the Gnomes found THEM.  After leaving the chamber with the pool and the statues, the group found tunnels, and a small chamber with a shallow pool filled with milk white water.  While searching the bottom of it, they were swarmed by the Gnomes, nearly 100 of the small little feral thieves, or so it seems.

As of the writing of this tale, we are all caught up.  I would suggest you watch the last two episodes on the stream VOD storage if you plan on joining us, and wish to catch up.  I will update this with more story as it unfolds once a month, but the VODs will be the best place to catch up, and let you catch up on everything easily.  You can find the VODs here:



Episode 13 – HE / SHE WHAT NOW?

At the end of the previous episode, the party had cleared their way through the biggest part of the Gnome lair, and were moving forward.

As they entered a large chamber, they found two doors, one though a large square building with just 4 columns on each corner, and a roof.  The other door was clear.  The party decided to go through the door with the structure in front of it, and managed to open the door.  Elxian, proceeds to step through the door, and finds himself a her.

As Elxian(a?) moved through the door, his chest armor (leather tunic) got very tight, and his crotch got extremely roomy as he became a she….

WATCH: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1472700325

Catch the next episode to find out!