I hate heaps of macros, as you might have seen in my other post(s).  But there are some spells that give higher levels of result, by being a certain level, and there needed (in my game) to be a macro that could work for any caster, using Cure Wounds.  So here it is:

Cure Wounds (Multi Level)

&{template:5eDefault} {{spell=1}} {{title=Cure Wounds}} {{subheader=@{xxx|character_name}}} {{subheaderright=Evocation Level 1}} {{subheader2=Casting Level ?{CastingLevel1|1st,1|2nd,2|3rd,3|4th,4|5th,5|6th,6|7th,7}}} {{simple=1}} {{showclassactions=1}} {{spellshowdesc=1}} {{spelldescription=@{xxx|character_name} cast **Cure Wounds** on the target. The target regains [[?{CastingLevel1}d8 + [[@{xxx|yyy_mod}]] ]] HP in healing.}}

By the way, IF you want to use mine, you will need to do a find & replace and change the following:

  • xxx → Character Name (include spaces and caps etc.)
  • yyy → Character spell casting ability (Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma)

Then run it.

Let’s break it down, it’s pretty simple.

  1. It begins with the usual style declaration, title and sub-heading.
  2. It pops up and asks for you to tell it what level, since this is every level, there are 7 levels to choose from, and each gives it’s level as the result:
    1. Level 3 = 3
    2. Level 5 = 5
    3. etc…
  3. Then it does the math to determine the result.  Cure wounds gives 1d8 per level, plus the Casting ability score spell modifier.
    1. [[?{CastingLevel1}d8 + [[@{xxx|yyy_mod}]] ]]
    2. The Casting Level has been determined in step 2 above, so it does that many d8 hit points, plus the ability modifier in healing.

That’s it.  Pretty simple in the end.  Any questions, leave a comment.