Prestidigitation (much like it’s counterpart Thaumaturgy for Clerics) allows the caster, to affect small changes or effects.  All of them minor, as this is a cantrip level spell.  The following macro for Roll20 is designed to give the caster the options he might find casting the spell, to affect the effect (s)he wishes to.

Roll20 Macro Source

&{template:5eDefault} {{spell=1}} {{title=Prestidigitation}} {{subheader=@{xxx|character_name}}} {{subheaderright=Transmutation Cantrip}} {{showclassactions=1}} {{Effect=?{Spell Effect Desired|Shower of Sparks,@{xxx|character_name} creates an instantaneous and harmless shower of sparks.|Puff of Wind,@{xxx|character_name} creates an instantaneous harmless small puff of wind.|Faint Music,@{xxx|character_name} creates the sound of distant musical notes.|Strange Smell,@{xxx|character_name} causes a strange smell to emanate.|Light Candle,@{xxx|character_name} lights the candle.|Light Torch,@{xxx|character_name} lights the torch.|Light Campfire,@{xxx|character_name} lights the campfire.|Snuff Candle,@{xxx|character_name} snuffs out the candle.|Snuff Torch,@{xxx|character_name} extinguishes the torch.|Snuff Campfire,@{xxx|character_name} douses the fire.|Clean,@{xxx|character_name} cleans some of the dirt from the target.|Soil,@{xxx|character_name} dirties the target.|Chill,@{xxx|character_name} chills the item.|Warm,@{xxx|character_name} gently heats the object.|Flavor,@{xxx|character_name} adds some flavor to the object.|Color,@{xxx|character_name} changes the color to [[t[Colors]]].|Mark Surface,@{xxx|character_name} mark the surface of the item with something.|Surface Symbol,@{xxx|character_name} on the surface of the object I transcribe a symbol.|Illusory Image,@{xxx|character_name} creates a small illusion of something on the object.|Trinket,@{xxx|character_name} holds a small trinket up.}}}

By the way, IF you want to use mine, you will need to do a find & replace and change the following:

  • xxx → Character Name (include spaces and caps etc.)
  • yyy → Character spell casting ability (Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma)

Then run it.

Let’s break it down…


  1. It starts with the template declaration, and heading section. Subheadings etc.
  2. When you run this you will get the image (right) as a drop down list to choose from.  I need to be clear here, these are NOT the only things you can do, make up your own, all of these are straight from the PHB though.
  3. Select the effect you wish to have happen, it applies it, and generates the result for you.
  4. Since this is not targeted at any kind of token, this is a bit of a “theatre of the Mind” macro.  It allows you to tell the GM what is happening, but nothing more than that.

There is nothing else to it.  If you want to add your own entries, then these are the steps you need to take:

  1. If you look at the code, you will see sections within it, that look like this
    1. |Shower of Sparks,@{xxx|character_name} creates an instantaneous and harmless shower of sparks.|
    2. Each selection in the drop down menu, is one of these blocks.
  2. If you are adding it behind an existing entry, you need only use the following format to add a new entry.
    1. <DROP DOWN LIST TEXT>,@{xxx|character_name} <DOES SOMETHING>.|
    2. Change <DROP DOWN LIST> with the name you want.
    3. Change <DOES SOMETHING> to what the spell effect will be.
    4. Make sure, that at no point in the code, there are two || (pipes) side by side, if you have, delete one of them.
  3. Place the | (pipe) in front of the line and remove the one at the end, to add it to the FRONT of the list.
    1. |<DROP DOWN LIST TEXT>,@{xxx|character_name} <DOES SOMETHING>.
    2. Change <DROP DOWN LIST> with the name you want.
    3. Change <DOES SOMETHING> to what the spell effect will be.

The following is an example of the output for you.