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RPG Academy

Welcome to the RPG Academy page.

The RPG Academy is a collection of different elements, designed to help those wanting to play, DM, GM, referee or run any game system.  I will be for these using D&D as the basis, as it is a common game most players are familiar with to a degree.  However I am also going to be doing some very specific things including world building, characterization, map making and other things with a system neutral basis, followed with a D&D example based build, depending upon what is being done.

Each will be done live on stream, and I will take comments, suggestions, and most especially questions from the viewers, with subscribers getting priority answers.  As I give an example, I will do it live, and go over it with the viewer to see if I can help.  Subscribers will also be given the option to join me in Discord, and we can just talk about the topic.  Some days I will invite any and all subscribers in the stream chat to join me for a table discussion also.

Below you can find information on each stream type, and what to expect in each show.


In any given month where there is a 5th Monday I will run an open house and just randomly pick something to work on, unless I get questions from the viewers, where I will then just go from one thing to the next.


The following shows only the next session (next Monday), if you want to know when a specific topic above is next scheduled, check the individual page for more details and specific schedule information.


Next Upcoming Event
28 October 2021
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