Custom Crafting

Well, I like making things, and being creative.  Lately I have gotten a bit of a bug for dice making.  Even to the point I am going to get rid of my old dice for the new ones.But I am not making these dice for me, not to start with.

What I am doing is different.  I am making (to start with) dice and one other thing, specifically for those players (or want to be players) who have any of the following, so I am designing items for these people to make gaming easier.

I am NOT however making these just to sell.  I am going to make one now and then as an auction prize for charity, or just to give away.  IF I do make something on request, there will be a minimum price (to cover costs only).  But if you wish to pay more, the extra dollars will go to the charity BrainChild


The first dice I am making are dice for those with Autism and/or Dyslexia.  I have a son on the spectrum